#191 – Pure

Growing up in the Chicago suburbs when someone said “hot dogs” they were really saying Vienna Beef hot dogs. Every place around here that sells hot dogs (there are thousands) sells Vienna Beef dogs and proudly displays a sign saying so in the window. It’s actually pretty convenient. If you are in an unfamiliar area and want a place that sells dogs just look for the Vienna Beef logo in the window instead of trying to decipher the names of all the local joints.

Today’s Biff was held up.

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8 thoughts on “#191 – Pure”

  1. Cyndaquazy says:

    I hate it when things aren’t a 100% of what they’re supposed to be. It just angers (and grosses) me.

    1. S.Aquila says:

      What gets me more is when I go into the juice aisle and these juices are proclaiming that they have 100% juice.

      My mind goes to “Are we really at that point in human existence where we really need to be proud that we have 100% juice when what we are selling is supposed to be juice anyways?”

      1. Craash420 says:

        How about “100% pure juice, with added vitamins!”? Yup, they want us to believe that bottle is 103% full.

    2. MD King says:

      i agree with that, it is just disgusting and unhealthy

      1. Chris says:

        “100% pure Apple colored liquid!”

  2. kingklash says:

    We should only respect Bad Guys who display a “100 Percent Evil Guaranteed!” sign in their hidden lairs.

  3. Cari says:

    Still, I try to avoid the places that proudly exclaim “100% Mystery Meat!”

  4. jim says:

    There is NOTHING on the planet that can replace a Vienna Beef® brand hot dog! 100% pure, sweet bull THIGH meat. No snouts, no pork, no rats squealing in the meat grinders like at the other “popular national brands” like Sabret (NYr’s low standards for rubberized meat substitutes) and Hebrew National, let alone chemical tubes AKA “Oscar Meyer.”

    If you’ve never had a REAL Chicago Style Hot Dog… with Vienna (which you can also find in FL and other progressive areas too) on a poppy-seed bun and all the other treats that come from this company (everything from high end roasted Italian Beef and corned beef ready for deli slicing, and soups and desserts that will blow your mind), you just haven’t lived.

    I’m in the South now… and except for the weather… I’d have never left the shores of Lake Michigan and the Chicago area. There is no better city in the USA.

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