#1842 – Kettle

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9 thoughts on “#1842 – Kettle”

  1. maarvarq says:

    I use my kettle if I’m boiling at least 500 ml of water, because supposedly that’s more efficient, but the microwave for a single cup.

  2. 3Davideo says:

    The flavor comes from within!

  3. Stephen Alexander says:

    Mr. Coffee there has no clue

  4. Jim says:

    This did always baffle me. In some countries an electric jug is in every home, and in others, they don’t exist.. Such and handy tool. Weird

  5. Cad says:

    I’ve wanted a tea kettle for the last 16 years and I just never have bought one. I hate microwaving a cup of water because there is usually food debris and other things that I am afraid will contaminate the water. Maybe I’m just weird because of all this I just don’t have tea.

  6. dzamie says:

    An Englishman visits his American friend.

  7. Mx Miki says:

    You can use the coffee machine to boil water, if you don’t put any coffee grounds in

  8. Zacolyn says:

    *Stares at her electric kettle. Sweats nervously*

  9. Sam says:

    or you could just take the grounds and the filter out of that handy coffee maker, rinse out the the thing that the filter sits in, and then use that for hot water. I do it all the time.

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