#1836 – Clock out

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5 thoughts on “#1836 – Clock out”

  1. Mel says:

    That’s adorable, but I feel like I’m missing a joke. Is it because the cake is naked?

    1. Time Sage says:

      The joke is simply that because he came home early, the cake isn’t finished and the surpise is ruined.

    2. Omymel says:

      I think it’s because at panel 3, with him coming home early and the *gasp*, most readers expect to see his partner in the middle of an affair with someone else. So the fact that it’s actually something really sweet is just kinda unexpected and funny

    3. Manabi says:

      The stereotypical thing would be coming home to find your spouse in flagrante delicto with someone, having an affair. The twist is that in panel three it seems to be heading to that, but it ends up being due to their spouse baking them a cake instead.

      As for the “don’t look” part, that’s likely because they wanted to surprise him with a nice looking, finished cake.

      1. Demolition Fan says:

        It may also play to “it’s not what it looks like.”

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