#1822 – Decaf

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5 thoughts on “#1822 – Decaf”

  1. Phaolan says:

    Coffee: Bitter, dark, and life-giving.

    1. Phaolan says:

      Basically necromancy in a cup? I’m bitter and dark, too…

  2. il biggo says:

    Fun fact: a colleague of mine had been drinking his “espresso forte” from the office’s machine “to get the gears running” every morning for 15 years before realizing it was decaf.

  3. 3Davideo says:

    Do you want to get assaulted with a coffee mug? Because this is how you get assaulted with a coffee mug.

  4. pbarnrob says:

    When I worked for Ericsson, they routinely double-bagged the coffeemaker. Never got up the nerve to decaffitate them all…

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