#178 – Lower

That smooth unblemished frosting is so very tempting to disturb. You know it’s very soft but it’s best to poke a finger in there to make sure. Hmm… better make a bunch more finger holes in a pattern so they look like they are part of the cake. This will totally work.

Today’s Biff is steamed.

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5 thoughts on “#178 – Lower”

  1. Library Lady says:

    Had that been my cake, kid would be grounded for life and hamster would soon be someone else’s pet.
    NO ONE messes with my masterpiece!

    1. Cari says:

      I don’t know about masterpieces, but as far as I’m concerned, NO ONE messes with the cake!

  2. Blargh says:

    Reminds me of my friend’s sister, who is a professional cake baker person. She earns about a thousand dollars on each cake. She even served some to George W. Bush, while he was president.

  3. Micah says:

    Now it seems that the hamster is a lie.

  4. Enyaw says:

    That’s sometimes a counterproductive attitude, nobody messing with the cake. At my grandparents anniversary, my sister toiled for like 8 hours making a bunch of cake, including a replica of the wedding cake. By the end of the evening, the wedding cake had only one slice out – the one my grandparents ate for the picture. It’s nice-looking, but come on, it’s for eating!

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