#1756 – Emoji

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4 thoughts on “#1756 – Emoji”

  1. Twilightfairy says:

    It’s called talking. Like what we are doing.

  2. 4tah says:

    What’s TV?

    It’s like Netflix, but
    – you have to start watching at a certain day and time, or otherwise you will only see it in the re-run next year or even never!
    – you only know this day and time after looking it up on printed paper!!
    – there is no pause, skipping forward or rewinding!!!
    But you can watch it without your parents knowing what you have watched 😉

  3. Thad says:

    I got in this discussion with my kids once: What was your favorite computer game, video, etc. I started explaining what I didn’t have. They were prepared to accept no color TV and no computers, but thought I was pulling their leg when I said no push-button phones. They believed me only when I found a rotary phone and showed that it worked.

  4. 4tah says:

    Ooh, rotary phones … I had to call NEC in Munich multiple times due to repairs for a broken dot matrix printer, their phone number is 08999699something. Having to dial 9 multiple times really puts strain on the index finger!

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