#1621 – Made it

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6 thoughts on “#1621 – Made it”

  1. Sven says:

    I wish I could drive 10 miles under the speed limit during rush hour. Honestly, doing 10mph total on the freeway during rush hour is quite an accomplishment already!

    1. il biggo says:

      That’s BECAUSE of this guy .-D

  2. tudza says:

    A guy out there looking to keep people safe in traffic and you send him to hell. Nice move.

  3. soilent bob says:

    Please, get yourself educated how jams build yall.
    The reason the metal worm builds up is exactly why you think s/he should go to hell: Everyone going bumper to bumper, without rolling space in between.
    You need to leave space between you and the car in front of you, else you’ll have to slow down harsher than the guy in front of you and the guy tailing you has to break even further when youre in each others trunk already. Multiplicate by a few thousand times and the dude at the end of the line can take a leak in the bushes by the highway.


    Please watch all three videos and you might understand why “driving as fast as you can” (quote coworker) stops everyone.

  4. twilightfairy says:

    Guess i’m going to hell in the future! my commute has too many bumps and turns to drive on the speed limit so I HAVE to slow down.

  5. Yellowduck says:

    I am guessing they even have a special place for him there.

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