#157 – Fold

Job interviews can be stressful for both sides. Take your mind off current events with a hobby. Origami for example.

Today’s Biff soars.

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8 thoughts on “#157 – Fold”

  1. his eyes look like “‘s

  2. i know my last post looks wrong i meant the little double apostrophe mark things i suck at quotation marks

  3. Library Lady says:

    I really hate job interviews. Recently at my job in order to get a promotion one must apply and interview for it, even though it’s with the same department you’ve been it the entire time you’ve been with the company and you’ll be doing the same job just more of it and for a little more money and a change of days off. I tell myself it’s the change of days off that keeps me from applying when I know I just don’t want to be bothered with the interview process as a whole.

  4. Psychlycan says:

    “Your fired” the response should have been.

  5. John says:

    Do all the biffs and maximumbles relate this week. First Robots, and now paper airplanes.

  6. Dizzie says:

    I love origami. Folded various things using the cube of sticky notes at a job interview once. I must have been sitting alone at this desk for at least 20 minutes before the interviewer walked in and saw the various flowers, rabbits and cranes decorating the desk. he turned to me and with a chuckled he asked “when can you start?” It was a Arts and crafts store. :3

  7. Arcan says:

    As of posting this, I’ve never even managed to get an interview… Curse you, behavior tests on job applications. I can’t help being antisocial! Also, curse my honesty.

    1. extremist343 says:

      My people skills are fine, it’s my tolerance to idiots that needs work.

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