#144 – Seedless

I wonder if melons would be very popular if they were only the size of ping pong balls. That would be a lot of work to peel each one for a single bite. Maybe they would be expensive delicacies that you would only get at restaurants.

“Ooh, I’ll have the 1 ounce watermelon plate for dessert! How exciting!”

Today’s Biff recycles.

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5 thoughts on “#144 – Seedless”

  1. AA says:

    Sounds like hummingbird tongues.

  2. Rick Griffin says:

    I think tiny melons would be similar to scuppernongs

  3. Library Lady says:

    Watermelons would end up like kiwis, you just ignore the seeds. But what about honeydew and cantaloupe with their mushy centers? Mmmmm not.

  4. Cari says:

    Boiled crawfish are a lot of work for one bite, and they’re pretty popular in Louisiana. Of course, they are worth the extra effort because they are awesome.

  5. Calvin K says:

    I’ve honestly never peeled a melon. I just cut them open and eat right up to the rind, then throw the rind into the back yard so it can decompose into some soil. That way the rind doesn’t just sit there awkwardly, constantly reminding you that it’s there.

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