#1269 – Pretty

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16 thoughts on “#1269 – Pretty”

  1. Larkle says:

    That is rad.

  2. Natemare says:

    I’m really feeling it….

  3. Natemare says:

    Get it? Shulk, Xeno blade, sm4sh? No? Okay……..

  4. wannabe_elf says:

    YES! Deranged killer grin is the best response to being ordered to smile by random strangers!

  5. Thisguy says:

    Oh my.
    This is horrifying

  6. Vausch says:

    Well, somebody read Uzumaki.

    1. Chris says:

      Never heard of it.

      1. r2t says:

        well he didnt say that you did.

      2. Vausch says:

        I will admit that’s genuinely surprising. There’s a part in the story where something similar happens to a guy almost verbatim! http://i6.mangapanda.com/uzumaki/3/uzumaki-1136597.jpg

        Of course I’m not implying plagiarism, I just thought it was funny if a reference, slightly scarier but still funny if not.

        1. Chris says:

          Huh! What’s the context of this? What happens on the previous page?

          1. Vausch says:

            Well, basically the entire story of Uzumaki is about a town cursed by the spiral (hence the title). The girl there had a crescent moon birthmark that seemed to bring her attention, but the curse of the town made the mark become a spiral and eventually overtook her entire head and body, and anything that got near it. Context for that page was she bribed the guy that got sucked up there to distract Kirie (protagonist) and seduce her boyfriend who was the first to become aware of the curse.

            It’s a genuinely creepy story and Junji Ito (the author/artist) is capable of making some rather mundane things very scary. I’d recommend his work, he was going to be a character designer for the cancelled Silent Hills game.

          2. his boogness says:

            So yeah, almost verbatim.

  7. Teonnyn says:

    Plot Twist: She’s the bus.

  8. Phaolan says:

    Don’t tell girls what to do. Got it… So my mom was right all those years ago? Who knew. :\

  9. WitUnderPressure says:

    this is why I’m anti-social

  10. Sam says:

    This makes me think of that episode of “Jessica Jones,” titled simply “Smile”

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