#1251 – Clean

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4 thoughts on “#1251 – Clean”

  1. sidehack says:

    So one day I was walking through the grocery store looking for breakfast cereal. “Fruit Loops? Eh, not today. Crunchberries? Not really feeling it. Ooh, Raisin Bran!” Suddenly I froze, aghast at the syllables falling out of my head. I immediately called my father to tell him what had happened – that I had, suddenly, become an adult. Chagrined at what I had become, I purchased the box, staring at my feet the whole way past the checkout counter. I never finished eating its contents; I couldn’t bear to. The box sat on the pantry shelf, half consumed, its geriatric contents daring me to complete my metamorphosis of maturation, for years. That was 2010. I haven’t eaten a bowl of cereal since.

    1. reynard61 says:

      Interesting. I *LOVED* Raisin Bran (or its generic equivalent) along with all the other “kid” cereals. (In fact, when I could, I added *more* raisins!) The only rais…*ahem!*…reason that I don’t buy cereal anymore is that it’s so horribly expensive. (Yes, even the so-called “cheap stuff”…)

    2. soilent says:

      I have the impression sugar causes diabetis and cancer.
      I do consume it, but the actual amount is ever dropping.

      1. reynard61 says:

        In regard to diabetes, kinda; although it’s also known to have a genetic component. Not sure about the cancer connection, though. (It wouldn’t surprise me at all if, at some future date, we find out that there’s a connection in regards to it weakening the immune system and allowing opportunistic cancers to form and/or spread.)

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