#1206 – Waves

*Starts eating*
“What the heck flavor is this?”
*retrieves the box from the trash again*

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6 thoughts on “#1206 – Waves”

  1. Thomas says:

    Been there, done that. That’s probably the main reason why we have to have an addition trash bag (Gelber Sack) only for packaging waste in Germany.

  2. NebulousRikulau says:

    Which is why I don’t toss the box until the meal is over.

  3. Tengu says:

    As real as life itself…

  4. his boogness says:

    Of course there is also the 3 minutes between panels 1 and 2 where you have absolutely no difficulty reciting the directions verbatim from memory.

    1. Phaolan says:

      True dat… Someone told me that’s a sign of memory loss, and I WISH I could remember who that was. :\

  5. Phaolan says:

    Stop spying on my life, Chris Hallbeck! Why don’t you just call this whole comic ‘Phaolan’s Sad, Sad Life’? You are a sicko…

    Aw, I can’t stay mad at you. After all, who knew my horrid life was so danged funny?

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