#1200 – Adult

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10 thoughts on “#1200 – Adult”

  1. Natemare says:

    Unless you get fired from said job and need to take courses on how to do a new one.

  2. Wanderer says:

    I liked school better, especially college.

    1. Jad says:

      Wierdo! ;-P

    2. Me et al. says:

      Seconded. I’ve been to post secondary school three times now. Love it.

  3. rhiakath says:

    I miss complaining about homework…. Ahhh, those were the simple days,…

  4. GDA says:

    This is a completely accurate description of adulting.

  5. Robin says:

    What I liked the most in school was that I could get some sleep during the day.

  6. tirsden says:

    I still have nightmares about university… I’m 37. ^^;;

  7. Tes says:

    That’s the whole point of school – to make your adult life feel better in comparison

  8. extremist343 says:

    I wish I could get away with being a professional student. School was awesome!

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