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7 thoughts on “#1163 – Great”

  1. Larkle says:

    Hey, Great Expectations is a great book. Well, at least dude’s getting to it eventually.

    For real though, I’ve been assigned that book twice.

  2. Janoh Wavewalker says:

    I read. A lot. Lots of genres some non-fiction but mostly fiction and I never really liked what I had to read for school. I understood everything, got my homework done, but I could never stomach it and I never understood people who did. Maybe in USA or wherever that novel might be read it’s different, but that was my experience.

  3. soilent says:

    I ALLWAYS hated the selected books. Lord of the flies nearly send me to the shrink at age 13.

    1. tirsden says:

      I’m 37 and still haven’t read that… don’t plan to either, sounds awful. O.o And one of my favorite books is Hannibal… so that’s saying a lot. XD

  4. Peter Wolff says:

    I liked most of the books my siblings were assigned to. Often, the other way round too.

    Once my brother was really fond of a book I had read at school, and suggested it for lessons. BIG mistake.

    As he put it afterwards: “Teachers have a special talent to make the best book unpalatable.”

    1. Voyager says:

      Yes. The requirement to read it means you have to read all of it and remember all the parts that may come up on the test.

      Moby Dick is a far more fun novel when you know you can just skip the parts where the author starts monologuing on whale biology (mostly completely wrong) and just admire his descriptions of that completely whacked painting that was so covered in soot noone could actually tell what it really was anymore.

  5. sidehack says:

    I had already read Great Expectations about three years before it was assigned in school. It’s probably my least favorite Dickens, well behind stuff like Hard Times and A Tale of Two Cities. Certainly the least satisfying book I’ve ever read a second time.
    Life’s a bit different when your mom is a high school English teacher (at a different school).

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