#1147 – Wait

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13 thoughts on “#1147 – Wait”

  1. ISee says:

    These MumbleMobiles get great reception, but the battery lives are terrible!

  2. Miles says:

    3DS+dumb phone (with a ten day battery life with heavy use) beats a smartphone.

  3. Dana W says:

    I’ll beat that, 3DS + iPhone, + iPad + Kindle Paperwhite + USB backup battery + Charger + spare cables! Hey, its a good purse.

  4. Silenvo says:

    I am one of those odd people who is always looking from the outside in on this subject. Everyone is all about the technical on-the-go phones. …. I’m more about drowning my time in my computer. When I go out, I simply manifest my imagination as an engine of unending entertainment.

    I guess I’m a bit odd in that regard.

    I went to the doctors office, and sat for about 45 minutes (because I was really early.) and really payed it no heed. Yet I see people panic if they have nothing to do with their time… It feels so.. Foreign to me. I guess boredom is a tremendous terror to people now-a-days? Hrm.

    1. slicedtoad says:

      I’m the same. Even at home, if I’m reading or on the computer, I’ll take random breaks to interior monologue for a time.

      1. Silenvo says:

        Interior Monologues are the best. 😀

  5. Kazriko says:

    I usually carry 3 devices around in my pocket. The smartphone, which has a 3 day battery life if I use it sparingly. The 3DS, which doesn’t have many of my favorite games, but can be a decent diversion, and my PSVita, which has tons of games on it. All together, I can probably play for 12 hours before I even need to break out the phone. My phone is rather pitiful on games though. I have some Pathpix games, Honeycomb Hotel, and Threes…

  6. Gregor says:

    I’m not surprised there’s a delay…it’s half past six in the morning. The Doctor is probably still in bed!

  7. soilent says:

    I merely close my eyes if I have to sit in the waiting tank like that.
    But ever since I put CM12 on my tablet and put the google apps on top of it, my battery drains like crazy. Got to look for a new kernel or something.

  8. R. E. Hunter says:

    I just bring my Kindle–two weeks battery and more than a hundred books waiting to be read. The later the doctor is, the more reading time I get.

  9. his boogness says:

    Panel 4: *doctor walks in on an empty room with an open window*

  10. tirsden says:

    I use some appointment waiting times now to reread Dune in an ancient format known as paperback.

    1. sidehack says:

      Good choice. I actually just finished reading the whole Dune series (including Brian/Kevin books), only took about seven months worth of free time in waiting rooms and various corner booths at the Waffle House. But I’m an atypical twenty-something who grew up reading books and building stuff instead of playing video games.

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