#1123 – Humid

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7 thoughts on “#1123 – Humid”

  1. slicedtoad says:

    i love how he’s holding the gun by the barrel

    1. qka says:

      Out to shoot himself in the foot?

    2. Varamo says:

      That’s what I thought too, but was not certain enough to post about it. Quite the amateur mugger

      1. Me et al. says:

        Pretty sure its just foreshortening of a standard 1960’s mumble pistol. The rear sight is clearly overlapping which is why you cant see the notch or differentiate the hammer. Also the grip is shaped to fit the muggers hand.

  2. Soap says:

    This comic reminds me of Silent Kimbly. A great webcomic full of puns like this but it was all taken offline a few years ago.

    1. reynard61 says:

      You read that one too? Yeah, it was a sad day when I tried to find that again and couldn’t.

  3. his boogness says:

    Good strategy trying to make the mugger laugh, bad strategy using a pun.

    Don’t get me wrong – puns are great, just not everyone knows it.

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