#1106 – Missing

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8 thoughts on “#1106 – Missing”

  1. soilent says:

    that’s not how this works.
    automated cars usualy have a nearfield scanner, either supersonic, infrasonic, lasers, infrared or radar. or a mix of those.

    1. Silenvo says:

      Well.. Did you know “hacking” cars is a thing? As in, hackers can override the computer in your auto-car and force it to drive over you. So, uh, Yeah, this is a thing that can happen. <_<

      1. soilent says:

        that’s not the car’s fault, but the developer’s who runs everything in the same grid as the vulnerable system(s).

    2. his boogness says:

      My friend, you misunderstand; this comic takes place 1 year before nearfield scanning was invented and also demonstrates why the technology is necessary and also it’s a joke.

      1. fourthirteen says:

        So, a guy was testing the “Pedestrian detection functionality” on a vehicle that didn’t have that functionality installed. Sounds a bit like the urban legends about the guy who sets the cruise control on his RV and goes to take a nap in the back while it speeds off a cliff. Technology is not magic, people.

  2. Person says:

    “It got pretty suspicious when it reversed over my body for the fifth time”

    1. maarvarq says:

      “My back seat is not a trash can!”

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