#1067 – Remember

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5 thoughts on “#1067 – Remember”

  1. Soap says:

    And that’s why children aren’t allowed to drive.

    1. qka says:

      By children, you do mean anyone under the age of 99.

      For shock entertainment, read the police reports in your local paper/online for how many folks whose age is a multiple of 21 get arrested for drunk driving.

  2. his boogness says:

    “Oh, wait, I forgot they gave me the dipping sauce separate and I set it in the cup holder! I guess this was all just an honest mistake…”

  3. GDA says:

    I’m assuming the cops and/or insurance adjusters are on their way.

  4. WitUnderPressure says:

    don’t worry, the fast-food restaurant has already sent an emergency sauce-replenishment team

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