#1000 – Fifteen

What?! Maximumble #1000! Crazy! If you love Maximumble, be sure to tell a friend about it. Thanks!

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10 thoughts on “#1000 – Fifteen”

  1. Soap says:

    Whoa, nice. This was unexpected. But, umm, I have to say it’s not showing properly for me either on my phone or my browser (both Chrome). I had to long-press the image and load it in a new tab to see the other twelve frames.

    Great comic, though.

    1. Soap says:

      Fixed now on both, thanks. Seems to have been a Chrome thing.

  2. qka says:

    Congrats on #1000!

  3. Rhiakath says:

    I can’t see the rest of the frames, on firefox.
    I had to save the image to disk to see it there.

    Also… congrats on #1000!
    May the force be with you, and may you live long and prosper.

  4. Janoh Wavewalker says:

    Looking forward for the next 1000.

    Those last three panels …

  5. Happy number 1000! …But I’m guessing that a cake with 1000 candles would be a bit too much (and also slightly dangerous)?

  6. Yuhas13 says:

    What a great accomplishment! Be more than proud. Congratulations.

  7. el boogerino says:

    I like the one long 15-panel maximumble that also functions as 5 individual 3-panel maximumbles.

    Also: Good job making 1000 comics, I guess when you put it that way it sounds like a lot of work.

  8. WitUnderPressure says:

    whatever happened to just “turn and cough”?

  9. kingklash says:

    I read the panels diagonally.

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