#458 – Baker

I liked being around when cookies were baking because you get to taste them in all 3 phases.

1. Dough. “Who wants to lick the beater?”
2. Fresh out of the oven. Almost cool enough to eat but the pain adds a little zing to the sugar.
3. Cooled. Now you get the crunch that is your reward for not eating everything an hour ago.

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6 thoughts on “#458 – Baker”

  1. Library Lady says:

    Back before I realized cooking/baking meant weight gain, I really liked baking cookies and those 3 phases were fun. But watching others enjoy my cookies was the best part. Something about spreading joy/calories I guess.

    1. Sage Harpuia says:

      If I were any good at baking (or cooking in general), and I made cookies, NO ONE ELSE WOULD BE ALLOWED ANY OF THEM!

  2. kingklash says:

    I ought to try and see if Ma had passed on her baking skills to me. Or, at least go get me some premade dough and slice a few into the toaster oven for a small batch.

  3. Epicanis says:

    Cookies are actually the reason I learned to be a competent cook.

    “Mom, will you make cookies?”
    “No, not today I’m busy.”
    “Oh…well, can I?”

  4. mynameis832 says:

    So to make the kids, he had to put a bun in her… oven?

    1. kingklash says:

      More like a pork loin, perhaps?

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