#2123 – Bottle

Have you ever sent out a message in a bottle? As a kid I always thought it would be a fun thing to do but growing up in the Midwest, I suffered from a severe lack of access to the ocean.

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One thought on “#2123 – Bottle”

  1. il biggo says:

    “Have you ever sent out a message in a bottle?”

    Fun story: one of my best friends is an artist/performer and, since a couple decades ago, one of his specialties (I don’t really know if I’m using the right technical word here :D) is “Useless Performances”, where he spends a lot of effort into doing something completely ineffective, like flying to some remote place to meet some other artist who’s been dead for a century, or traveling 200 Km to get a fire log.
    The first Useless Performance, and the one that gave birth to the whole concept, was him throwing a bottled message into the Mediterranean Sea, addressed to me (I live on the Swiss Alps).
    The performance was doubly useless, because the bottle hit a rock and broke even before touching the water :’D
    I’m *not* making this up:

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