#1942 – Apples

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13 thoughts on “#1942 – Apples”

  1. FluffySquirrel says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty damn annoying when you realise that all of those words and blah aren’t actual just elaborate cultural metaphors

    At least I have sound in my head, unlike the poor total aphant guy up there

    1. Scott says:

      OMG there’s a name for people like me! Thank you.

      1. Jared Eldredge says:

        and me… thought i’d mention since you know since misery loves company and all… (pondering now if for ‘normal’ people somehow emotions actually literally have their own emotions… and now i’m scared)

    2. Szilvia Gergely says:

      I hate those stupid sounds revolving in my head all the time!

  2. Rich W says:

    Someone’s a Hello Internet fan!

    1. Chris says:

      Nope ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    2. Szilvia Gergely says:

      Great, at least he/she has friends!

  3. Ryex says:

    It’s a very difficult thing explaining Aphantasia to people who don’t have it.
    Especially if your still an “imaginative person”.

    1. FluffySquirrel says:

      The annoying bit is that they use ALL the words for imagination! Like.. why aren’t there more terms based on sound, or writing

      Just, many hundreds of years ago, some Roman dude decided ‘Yo, that thing we do in our head? We’re calling it all based on pictures, cause that’s how I do it’

    2. Szilvia Gergely says:

      Sure! Imagination develops with time, you simply cannot expect a young person to have imagination that has different pictures than the current media provide. Therefore, you should not even try explaining this point to someone under 21 or you do not know what imagination is.

  4. fluffy says:

    It’s interesting (and great) that this has suddenly become what the whole Internet is talking about. I am nowhere even remotely aphantasic but I’ve known several people who are for years and it’s always so interesting to compare our experiences with things.

    In general it’s great to learn that peoples’ internal experiences aren’t universal. Maybe we can all learn to appreciate each others’ innate differences rather than having to convince everyone that there is only one right way to exist.

  5. G mon says:

    Not comic, but video. Vsauce Is Your Red The Same As My Red on youtube. Link for convenience:

  6. greeble says:

    So if Aphantasia is the lack of sensations recreated in your head, is there a word for the lack of an internal monologue?
    BTW, I think the lack of an internal monologue isn’t the same as an *inability* to create an internal monologue. I can force myself to have an internal monologue, and in fact I do have one when I’m writing or reading something difficult to follow. I just don’t *need* or use one 90% of the time.

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