#1078 – Secrets

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5 thoughts on “#1078 – Secrets”

  1. his boogness says:

    “And this one’s name is Ernie, say ‘Hi’ Ernie… aw, he’s being shy…”

  2. John says:

    I’d vote for him. That’s the kind of transparency this world needs.

    1. Antsan says:

      Why is making people’s not-bones transparent so important, huh?

      1. Peter Wolff says:

        I think he means the transparency of glass cases. Although I don’t understand how campaign funded glass is more transparent than ususal glass.

        1. John says:

          Campaign funds are a matter of public record, so we can finally know who’s paying to put a Presidential skeleton collection on display. To this day: every other candidate declared the source of such funds as “anonymous.”

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