#811 – Stop

“Haha, now we are both bleeding from the nose at the same time!”

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7 thoughts on “#811 – Stop”

  1. Doctor Disco says:

    I feel all this needs is to instead be a car hitting a giant diagonal mirror.

  2. Dan Thompson says:

    The person on the right goes. That’s the rule.

    Unfortunately, the other driver is comprised of antimatter, so his sense of chirality is reversed. This is not helping.

  3. GDA says:

    I feel as though this happens more often in real life than it does in comics. Which is sad.

  4. boog says:

    “And our blood alcohol levels are within 0.01 of each other, it’s like we’re soul mates!”

  5. shags says:

    I just wait for the sign to turn green.

  6. Sven says:

    I moved to the US last year. Before coming here, I’d never seen a four-way stop.

    Who thinks these are a good idea!? Just use roundabouts already!

    1. Q says:

      Roundabouts may be good for smaller vehicles, but tend to be inconvenient for larger ones, like commercial vehicles.

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