#635 – Topping

It’s funny now thinking back when I was a kid “pizza” meant sausage and cheese. That’s what my parents liked so that’s what we got. I didn’t really try new toppings until I was at a party where there were a bunch of different ones to choose from. What do you know! Lots of them taste great!

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14 thoughts on “#635 – Topping”

  1. d... says:

    pineapple is great on pizzas, i hardly ever ear pizzas without pineapple.

    it provides a good contrast for the other, more savoury toppings.

  2. Lord Of Mantas says:

    My original thinking of what pizza meant was cheese and black olives, because that was what was discussed in one of my favorite picture books (bought when I was approximately 5). I still like olives, but for some reason I hardly ever have them on pizza any more. (My favorite topping combination, for the record, is sausage, pineapple, fresh basil, and sun-dried tomatoes.)

  3. McGehee says:

    Cheese and pepperoni here. Neither of my parents came from places with much of a pizza tradition I think, so when they moved to California they went with what was conventional there.

  4. Dirk says:

    Hawaiian pizza is the devil and a false prophet.
    Pineapple should never go on anything that isn’t a dessert.

  5. I want to have pizza with your parents. In my house I always have to pick off toppings.

  6. Cyndaquazy says:

    I often find myself fighting an internal battle between toppings. Even though I’d like to put every possible topping on (they all look so good!), I can never afford the resulting bill, so I have to decide which toppings I like more than others. Also, I have this strange need to have a “balance” between meats and greens, so this introduces just another front into the inner warfare.

    1. Me et al. says:

      One veggie & one meat lovers,
      one slice of each, stacked,
      One form of heaven on earth

  7. reynard61 says:

    Onions, olives, mushrooms, pepperoni and lots of cheese. All else is blaspheming heresy*.

    *Unless you’re stuck with having to eat frozen, then all bets are off…

  8. boog says:

    Serious comment: Pizza is about the crust, sauce, and cheese. Any other toppings are fine, as long as you aren’t just piling them on to obscure low-quality crust, sauce, and cheese (as most national chains do). Sometimes the best pizza is just a simple flatbread with pomodoro, mozzarella, and basil. Yum.

    Darker, less-serious alternative comment:
    “Now that Henderson is a pizza-pineapple-loving free-faller, his corner office is suddenly vacant. Anyone object to me moving in?”


  9. Katie says:

    One of the best pizzas I have had was when I was in Italy a zillion years ago, didn’t speak a word of italian, and pointed at a pizza with no toppings (not even cheese) at a deli/grill place , and the guy put it on the grill for a few mins, folded it in half and handed it to me with a paper towel. If I knew how, I probably would have asked for cheese, but there you go. It was still delicious, even with just sauce and crust.

    1. Me et al. says:

      Olive oil and italian herbs are A-MA-ZING

  10. Danny says:

    Haha, nice take on the meme.

  11. kingklash says:

    When two of my nephews (one was my sister’s son, the other was our cousin’d kid) were little, we’d go out for pizza, one didn’t like most of the toppings, and the other didn’t like the crust. So we just sat them together, and they’d dissect the slices between themselves.

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