#607 – Stand

“Oh, I thought maybe I won the raffle. I was really looking forward to those new sandals. This is totally different. Well at least my feet don’t hurt anymore! In fact I can’t feel any…”

Plus, this week is Biff’s 7th birthday! To celebrate, all Biff books are crazy on sale for only 7 bucks each! Go check them out in the store!

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2 thoughts on “#607 – Stand”

  1. boog says:

    “I am Batman!”
    “No? I am the walrus.”
    “Wow! Okay, um… I am.. your father?”

    “Dude just… just sit down.”
    “I told you we shouldn’t have brought him.”
    “He’s ruining everything.”

  2. kingklash says:

    My brother did that in a chat room once. Not the spear thing. Soon, everyone was typing “I Am Sparticus!” and pretty much ended the session.

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