#486 – Graphite

Why do they have these monsters in the school anyway? We could really use the space. Do you realize how many more students we could get in here? Each class could have 40 students! Each teacher would be… oh I get it. Never mind.

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5 thoughts on “#486 – Graphite”

  1. kingklash says:

    Get back to your desk! Pencils don’t grow on trees, y’know!

  2. sam says:

    I don’t get it?

    1. Xindaris says:

      The idea is that normally, the kid’s answer in panel 2 would be scoffed at by a teacher, or any reasonable adult. But instead, as revealed in panel 3, it’s the truth!

  3. Library Lady says:

    For several different years the monster in the classroom was the teracher and there were close to if not 40+ kids in the class. Catholic schools were overcrowded too.

  4. Arcan says:

    For me, the monster was always the other students. I had an awful childhood when it came to school. There’s nothing like being assaulted by fellow students (and having the faculty not care when it was brought to their attention) to ruin your perception of a school.

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