#1911 – Reflexes

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5 thoughts on “#1911 – Reflexes”

  1. Kaitracks malgom says:

    Jackie Chan check up

    I’m sorry

  2. tudza says:

    Actually did a check like that in kung-fu class a couple times. Gotta trust the instructor wouldn’t really hit you in the face if you missed the block. Maybe tweak your nose a little?

  3. Twilightfairy says:

    I’ve been here since BookofBiff, but Thanks to reddit these comics slowly seep into meme videos I watch. I hope the rest of the internet starts to recognize the work you put into the comics and give you a boom in publicity.

  4. WitUnderPressure says:

    Ninja check up. Wait ’til you see the eye exam…

    1. LunaStar says:

      Good one, mate. What about an ear test?

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