#1249 – Headphones

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5 thoughts on “#1249 – Headphones”

  1. Person says:

    Wow, what a great idea!

  2. rhiakath says:

    Damn, I’ve just been found out. I actually do this to get some quiet time at work, and not get interrupted…

    Well, they are plugged in. Just not listening to anything,

  3. Peter Jensen says:

    … does that poster say “Krang in there, baby”?

  4. his boogness says:

    In a bizarre parallel universe, the headphones are playing a looped recording of inane office chatter.

    1. Me et al. says:

      Of course. With enough background babble, it masks any ability to perceive actual babble in your proximity. Real babble will standout against white noise, music or anything else except pure noise cancellation. But even NC wont block it completely.

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