#1156 – Pasty

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6 thoughts on “#1156 – Pasty”

  1. Reavenk says:

    The younger daughter does not look happy in that last panel.

  2. his boogness says:

    Related story:

    Me: “Honey, where’s the toothpaste?”
    My wife: “I couldn’t get any more out of it so I threw it away. Just open a new one-”
    Me: “NOOOOOOOO!!”

  3. plipsig says:

    omg… my father passed away 2 months ago, and my sisters and I were doing the awful chore of having to sort out his things. For some reason he had SO MANY tubes of toothpaste! I’ve been so depressed about losing him, but this comic gave me a much needed huge laugh. thank you so much.

    1. Chris says:

      I’m so sorry. I hope you have more bright moments ahead.

  4. Silenvo says:

    Oh man, This is so true! It feels like the toothpaste tube lasts forever. “It should be empty soon.” …. Several weeks or even years later… “Really should be empty by now..” Heh.

  5. Kaitracks malgom says:

    I just realized that tags sound like yoga saying it

    It really lasts a long time toothpaste will

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