#1101 – Bummer

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5 thoughts on “#1101 – Bummer”

  1. GDA says:

    Bummer, dude.

  2. his boogness says:

    Another robbery prevented!

    Accidental homicide saves the day again!

  3. SniggyG says:

    Part of me is shocked every time I see something about not being able to go to hospital because you can’t afford it. Rest of the world, you really need to think about setting up an NHS.

    1. fourthirteen says:

      In the US at least, this is slightly exaggerated. I don’t think there are any reputable hospitals with an ER that will refuse to take you if you’re dying. The trouble is more that if you’re uninsured you either have to pay for your treatment out of pocket, or in some cases the hospital just eats that cost (which over time leads to them charging those who *are* insured more to offset that cost, insurance premiums rise, and so on)

    2. Azkyroth says:

      The rest of the world has it, more or less. MURICA and, I think, like, Somalia are the only holdouts.

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