#1006 – Pink

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16 thoughts on “#1006 – Pink”

  1. el boogerino says:

    Pink robot princesses…

    1. natemare says:

      Riding dinosaurs with laser eyes and jetpacks.

      1. natemare says:

        Feel free to add on

      2. Robin says:

        … against the evil robot queen’s hordes of minions…

      3. someone says:

        …and army of pink unicorn with meshineguns

      4. el boogerino says:

        And all to save… a prince! No wait, that fails the Bechdel test, surely a man can’t be all that motivates our heroine.

        Then a princess! No, why does it have to be a damsel in distress? Surely she’d be strong enough to solve her own problems.

        See, now that’s what I don’t like about feminism, it makes you overthink everything until no answer is good enou- A puppy!!

        1. sam says:

          What if it was to save a prince, and a princess, from separate torturous dungeons. It is romantic love that motivates her, but not her own. A selfless act that also saves the kingdom in the process.

          But yes I agree that it does make you overthink everything. But I also agree that there has to be a motivating factor to get writers to think more creatively. But just because it’s NOT always the stereotypical answer doesn’t mean that it sometimes could be the stereotypical answer…

          1. el boogerino says:

            A selfless act, saving the kingdom’s puppy.

        2. reynard61 says:

          She could be fighting to save her kingdom/principality as an entity. Maybe it’s being invaded?

        3. Ebonrune says:

          The thing is, why does she have to be motivated by love to save someone at all? Or if so, why romantic love? Maybe he’s her friend, or her brother. Maybe the guy is being tortured and needs to be rescued. Maybe it’s the only way to save his kingdom from ruin. Love doesn’t need to factor into it. Duty can be the only motivator.

      5. Kapten-N says:

        Princess dinosaur robot teaparty with lasers, rockets and lots of hair brushing.

  2. PLipsig says:

    I wish every kid could have parents like that…

  3. bob says:

    The issue is the media.
    You don’t see boys playing with dolls or girls playing with matchbox.
    If the burger franchises run a line of these toys, it’s allways gender locked.

    1. enlyghten says:

      Yeah but the media weren’t the only ones to go crazy when target announced that they were combining the boy’s and girl’s toy sections. Some christians appeared to assume that they were being further ‘persecuted’ because they perceived the change as a way to confuse children into becoming transgender while somehow forgetting that when their generation was children there was no separate boy and girl toy section.

  4. GDA says:

    I like this comic. It always gives the same ideas as I have in my head.

  5. Falos says:

    The office did a Secret Santa for each other’s kids. You got Alex in accounting.

    And so, if you’re getting a My Pretty Princess for little Johnny, I recommend not making a surprise out of the progressive social lesson.

    That’s me though, inconsiderately cautious. If you’re not afraid about the message it might send, go ahead, big “ta da!”

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