#902 – Caught

“My fellow ducks! The prophecy has come true!”

Also! Today is the last day to get my shirt about procrastination! I’m assuming everyone has been waiting for today to get one!

Check it out here: http://teespring.com/bodybyprocrastination

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5 thoughts on “#902 – Caught”

  1. 26Rey11 says:

    I’m arrived at the latest update right now!

    1. 26Rey11 says:

      Sorry couldn’t help myself… Just need to correct it :p

  2. boog says:

    In the original story it’s a fox who eats him. I like ducks better though – more realistic ending.

  3. Rick R says:

    brings new meaning to the phrase “nibbled to death by ducks”

  4. qka says:

    I’m still procrastinating on the shirt.

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