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My son has been getting more into LEGO since seeing the movie and now my wife is getting interested as well. We were browsing the Lord of the Rings theme and came across this set. The front is a tall black tower and the back is cut away to give you access to the different rooms on the different floors. After scrolling through a few pictures my wife said “Wait a minute… how is this not just dollhouses for boys?”

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20 thoughts on “#804 – Toys”

  1. Reaver says:

    Because when they utterly destroy the ‘dollhouse’ they can put it back together without any need of glue. Honestly, I have no idea why they don’t have dollhouse lego sets commonly available.

  2. Reavenk says:

    Polly Pocket? Whatever. Mighty Max is where it’s at!

  3. boog says:

    How is it not dollhouses for boys?

    Isn’t it obvious? It’s because you can take it all apart and build something completely different. That’s what I love about LEGO. I build the model on the front of the box once, then I take it apart and let my imagination run free.

  4. Danny says:

    Legos are build your own space. Dollhouses are given to you.
    Guys are expected to build their own house, mark their own space, make their own reputation.
    Many women, not all but many, want to marry a self-made man, a man who’s accomplished, not in the process of accomplishing but accomplished already. Hence, the women’s premade dollhouse.

    1. Kriselia says:

      You made this creepy

        1. Kriselia says:

          Just jarring to read a fun comic and scroll down to see someone go on about marking your space and how women want this and women want that.

          1. admin says:

            Oh, whoops! When I saw your comment in my dashboard I thought it was replying to my comic. I didn’t realize it was in response to a comment! (I agree)

  5. jammit says:

    …and wrestling is a soap opera for men.

  6. Wanderer says:

    Since when are legos gender specific for boys?

    1. thisnthat says:

      Because girls are only allowed to play with stupid things because they are stupid. If boys show interest in it girls have to stop.

      No girls have ever played with anything but stupid dolls because all women are stupid. Duh!

      God, I wish I could kill sperm with my mind.

  7. Madkins007 says:

    Great representation of the ‘non-gender items marketed to a specific gender’ issue. Overtly or covertly, almost every aisle of the toy department is targeted to one gender or another. Even in the Lego brand, some sets are targeted to boys and others to girls. It is a pretty sad commentary on our society.

    1. BLARGH says:

      How dare they cater to people with different tastes and interests! Everything should only be gray so no one will get offended. Then someone will get offended by gray and war will break out.

      1. Madeleine says:

        Different tastes and interests, sure. Lego was really great in creating exactly that (by making people believe that boys and girls are NOT interested in the same things).
        Kids do pay attention to their parents. They notice a frown when a boy picks up a “girl toy” and vice versa. And so, they will eventually respond like the “not-a-girl” in panel 1.

  8. kingklash says:

    I would encourage Polly Pocket to lay seige to the castle.

  9. Lego owner says:

    WTF Lego sets are you playing with?

    Tiny roast chicken? No, the have drinking glasses and that’s about it for food.

    Bed room,kitchen,banquet hall? No Lego set I’ve ever seen has had any sort of interior design. You have the castle outside and inside, the inside only exists because it’s impossible for it not to exist. No one has ever played “inside the castle” with Legos.

    Change of clothes? They can change bodies, but since their clothes are they bodies it’s almost changing clothes. But no, they don’t have a variety of outfits to choose from.

    1. Me et al. says:

      Aside from not aging well, this comment wasn’t accurate about historical lego sets. Growing up in the 80’s I had a great castle lego set that was almost solid yellow, and it openned on hinges SPECIFICALLY to allow play *inside the castle*.

      (quick search) A yes here it is: Set 375-2

    2. Me et al. says:

      Thank you for the memory jog. Building that was a good memory.

  10. natemare says:


  11. NOTTHEBEES says:

    I used to play with Polly Pocket Toys when I was younger, I still have some of the dolls I believe… If my dog hasn’t gotten to them, that is.

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