#709 – Buzzed

There were a lot of myths that I believed about flying insects as a kid. Like bees will attack you if you wear yellow. The best was that a dragonfly can sting you 72 times. Where the heck “72” evolved from I’ll never know.

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5 thoughts on “#709 – Buzzed”

  1. hayabusa says:

    for me, it does seem like bees like me more if i’m in yellow

    1. kingklash says:

      Depends on how bees see your yellows. Get a pair of sunglasses like the old Blu-Blockers, that say they filter out a high degree of UV light. Take the clothes outside on a sunny day, and look at them through the glasses. They’ll actually stand out, although it’s hard to descibe exactly how. I noticed the phenomenon when I got a pair as a gift, and was trying them out in my mother’s flower garden. The flowers that attracted bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds looked funny, and when I looked it up, found out that they reflect a high degree of UV to attract pollen carriers, and the glasses filtered that part out, making them look kind of off.

      1. Octothorp says:

        Kingklash the science guy…

  2. NOTTHEBEES says:

    *looks at name*

    Well then….

  3. Charlotte says:

    I discovered at one years summer fair that Thrips (AKA corn flies or thunderflies) love yellow clothes. Nothing like having your T-shirt smothered with tiny insects…

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