#413 – Miniature

When I was a kid I liked to imagine what it would be like if there was a separate race of humans that were only 3 inches tall. A whole town could fit in my backyard. A single piece of my Halloween candy would be mind blowing to them.

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7 thoughts on “#413 – Miniature”

  1. kingklash says:

    Mowing the lawn would be like a disaster movie.

  2. Library Lady says:

    The Incredilbe Shrinking Man (1957), as a kid I always thought if not for the cat his life would have been okay. Now I’m sure his getting out of the house was similar to the Poseidon Adventure – without the water. And getting across the backyard would be several disaster movies rolled into one. Every rock would be Mt Everest, every insect an alien.
    Someone should remake this flick!

  3. Baughbe says:

    “The Borrowers”, original story series much better than the movie. And now you know where that button went…

    1. I was thinking either The Borrowers (I liked the 1973 Eddie Albert movie, but the books were definitely better) or the Picori/Minish, from Zelda.

      1. reynard61 says:

        This version looks pretty darned good: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vp2nb9Vq0yY

        1. Chuck says:

          It was great except for the little boy. Useless character. Terrible voice actor.

  4. Admiral Memo says:

    “Honey, I Shrunk the Kids” freaked me out when I was little, and I always was checking for shrunk people, to make sure I didn’t crush or otherwise kill them.

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