#344 – Hunch

Years ago I had long hair. Down past my shoulders. It got caught in many things. Car doors, jacket zippers, cat claws. I think the most annoying would be in bed when I would try to look at something in another part of the room only to find I had pinned my head in one position as my mane of hair was stuck under my own shoulder.

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23 thoughts on “#344 – Hunch”

  1. Ray Anselmo says:

    Okay … now that’s just sad.

  2. Pyro says:

    huh, as someone who has had short hair for all his life, it never occurred to me that your hair might get pinned under your shoulder, weird. I do get my beard stuck in my jacket from time to time though, have to keep it well trimmed.

  3. mangorz says:

    yup, the short period of time i had long hair i used to wake up in bed in the middle of the night sometimes because i pinned my own hair under my shoulder and pulled it. i’m apparently rolling around a lot when i sleep…

  4. ZeoViolet says:

    What the heck was his face doing down there to begin with, I wonder?…..

    1. You really, really, REALLY don’t want to know.

      1. ZeoViolet says:

        Oh I ain’t that innocent. I still don’t wanna know. ;P

    2. Rick Griffin says:

      Tying his shoelaces of course

      1. ZeoViolet says:

        Nobody shoves their face that far into their lap just to tie their shoes. But saying anything more wouldn’t be g-rated.

        1. das-g says:

          We haven’t seen steve’s face, yet. Maybe he’s a cat.

    3. Arcan says:

      Clearly someone superglued his hands to the chair legs, so when he found out that his fly was down he had to use his teeth.

      There we are, an explanation that is both possible and G-rated.

      1. Arcan says:

        Superglued to his legs not the chair legs… Forgot to double check that before I posted.

  5. ZeoViolet says:

    And I’ve often had very long hair, well past my behind. For several years. I finally quit because my hair is very very thick, and the weight was killing my neck.

    1. Suzu says:

      I understand xD Thought my hair is shorter than it was before (it was nearly to my knees) it still goes to the middle of my back, though least the problem of accidently sitting on my hair and nearly breaking my neck when I tried to lean forward is gone 🙂 though living where in the summer the temp gets up to 30 days of 100+ F then having really thick hair isn’t so great ):
      Sleeping isn’t so bad though, I always make sure my hair is behind me or above my head.

      1. ZeoViolet says:

        The pain was throwing two very long braids off to the side so I could sleep (I always slept in braids). I couldn’t stand them behind my back or touching me at night, and they slid back down with too great an ease. Yeesh.

  6. kingklash says:

    I’m Native American, and have had long hair most of my life. That’s a set of different perspectives right there. The times when I cut my hair, I didn’t know what to do with my head.

  7. Library Lady says:

    I ALWAYS wanted hair like my grandmothers. They could each on theirs. Then a friend in high school had hair that could drag on the ground behind her. She explained about the neck problems and almost being strangled in her sleep. I gave up my obession. As soon as we graduated my friend cut her hair OFF up to her ear lobes. Almost didn’t recognize her.

  8. Wizard says:

    Funny, I don’t usually have that much trouble with my hair, although mine comes down to about mid-back. I just have to make sure to keep it tucked inside my jacket when I’m riding my motorcycle. I made the mistake of riding with it out once. Thought I was going to yank myself bald working out the tangles. Now I know why a lot of bikers braid their hair.

  9. Juil says:

    I’m actually growing my hair out right now.
    All these horror stories though are making me question my decision…

  10. Ian says:

    Long hair is a pain in the arse. It is cool to be able to brag to bald people though. It’s something I miss now I see my hairline receding.

  11. Naomi says:

    I started cutting my hair shorter (mid-back length) after it got caught in my belt.

  12. Radical Edward says:

    I had really long hair (past my breasts, so yeah, I was a normal-looking girl), but at the beginning of sophomore year in high school, I cut it into a bob and as I got older, I cut it even shorter. I guess that may be why guys won’t approach me, thinking I’m lesbian, but in reality, I like guys as well.

    But the main reason I cut all that hair off was because it was a pain to wash everyday.

  13. Istas says:

    Short hair has many advantages; doesn’t get caught in stuff, uses less shampoo, dries faster, doesn’t get tangled, and when it’s ‘messy’ it’s much less noticeable, if at all.

  14. LunaStar says:

    Short hair’s easier, and long hair really only looks good on certain people. When people have got long hair, they usually pride themselves on it. My best friend has hair to her bum and it’s thick too — how on earth does she brush all of it?

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