#24 – Port


5 thoughts on “#24 – Port”

  1. Ah, the modern society in which we live. Soon, we’ll all have USB cables coming out of our butts.

  2. Typhin says:

    That’s probably better than what I expected for a last line, which was something about him catching and eating a mouse. ^_^;;

  3. Radical Edward says:

    I have a bunch of USB drives, none of which come out my butt. That would be painful.

    I have a Facebook page and I use it to communicate with my relatives in New Jersey (I live in Lynnwood, Washington) so yes I’m familiar with uploading my pictures to my page. I’m still getting through the New Years Disney movie Marathon. I sometimes rewatch Toy Story 2 since I am familiar with toy collecting. I’ve got a bunch of Barbies and Bratz dolls, little plushies from Ty and Official Store Merchandise (Like Disney and Pokemon). But then again, I am obsessed with water kingdoms (Think mermaids and Atlantis)

  4. Centaur71 says:

    Typhin, you stole my joke… :-/

  5. Kaitracks malgom says:

    Termicator but the good kind XD

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