#215 – Sneak

Sometimes I want to become invisible just so I can browse around some stores. I don’t actually want to purchase anything. I don’t have any questions. I just want to look at stuff. It used to be that I would give a polite “No, thank you.” to the first person that asked me if I needed help and then I was left alone. These days I think they assume I’m a shoplifter as wave after wave of people come at me to offer “help”.

Today’s Biff sticks around.

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12 thoughts on “#215 – Sneak”

  1. coebruh says:

    I used to work at a department store, and they actually believe that if they don’t bother customers every twenty seconds that you will become “overwhelmed by the vast selection on offer” and leave in confusion, never to shop at their store again.

  2. Frank says:

    Hmmm, choplifter.

  3. Library Lady says:

    I used to work in a department store also. If we didn’t offer to help often we were “talked to” for not doing our job and helping the customers. One day I asked a somewhat confused looking man if I could help him find anything, since he looked a little lost (we were in ladies fashion) he chuckled and said no. I later found out he was the store’s general manager. (He did look lost.)

  4. kingklash says:

    I wish I were strong enough to lift a shop. I’d run down the street, giggling maniacally, with a store held over my head, until I threw it into the treetops, where the owner would have to get a ladder and a broomstick to knock it down.

    1. S.Aquila says:

      This is quite possibly the best comment ever.

      1. jim says:

        I could beat that! Come back tomorrow! Oh no! I’m 7 months late!! The worst part is, now you’ll never get to hear about “invisible” & “Victoria’s Secret” AND the tuna gag all wrapped up into one joke!

        1. Mahnarch says:

          Aww. And you didn’t leave it for me. 🙁

  5. Wizard says:

    Invisibility has all sorts of drawbacks. It’s almost always easier and more effective to just go with a simple SEP field.

    1. das-g says:

      The problem with SEP fields is, of course, that they can easily be abused for shoplifting.

  6. Azkyroth says:

    Simple. Just think of something you actually WANT help with and all the employees will evaporate into thin air.

    (Don’t worry, they get better).

    1. Mahnarch says:

      There was a [someone?] who said that she wanted to check out of an electronics store with a package of batteries, but no one was around.
      So, she grabbed a tape measure and started measuring the large screen TVs. Suddenly, 3 people were there to help her. 😀

  7. Rodrigo says:

    Ew, tuna breath!

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