#214 – Plucked

It’s such a dreadful feeling when I would sleep through my alarm on a workday. The whole time I’m driving there is in anticipation of seeing my boss as I walk to my desk. I have to then sheepishly smile and give a little fake laugh. “Overslept!” What an amazing thing to walk by her desk and see the post-it note saying that she’s out sick today.

Today’s Biff is forked.

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6 thoughts on “#214 – Plucked”

  1. MaskedMan says:

    I don’t have ‘oversleep’ issues. I’ve got dogs.
    Makes alarm clocks utterly obsolete.

  2. S.Aquila says:

    I an internal alarm clock. I can “set” my brain by concentrating really hard until it actually hurts as I mentally repeat the time I have to get up. I wake up ten minutes before my “alarm” every single time.

  3. Library Lady says:

    For some unknown eason I am developing an internal alarm clock too. I don’t want it. I have no reason to wake at 6a on my day off, nor on the days I’m scheduled to go into the office late. But I do anyway. Weirder thing is I don’t get sleepy until 12:45a, like there’s a dimmer switch and it’s getting turned down. And like any kid, I fight sleep every second of the way.

  4. kingklash says:

    Always change the battery in your chicken when Daylight Savings Time ends.

  5. Mystify says:

    Funnily enough, I overslept today and was late to work. REALLY late.

  6. Mr. L. says:

    Hah!! That…happened to me today. I overslept to find two teammates gone, and the boss out for half the day. No eggs though…

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