#2060 – Irrational

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4 thoughts on “#2060 – Irrational”

  1. Manabi says:

    Never had one of those doors shatter on me, but had one of the glass doors on the videogame cabinets at Wal-mart shatter on me when I worked there. Put the key in the lock, turned it, suddenly I’m standing in a pile of tiny pieces of broken glass holding a key and the lock. Didn’t hurt me at all, wasn’t really scary, just… weird.

  2. jjmcgaffey says:

    The sliding glass door onto the patio did that one day, when I was a teenager. We blamed it on a high note from the musical (Finian’s Rainbow) playing on the TV at the time. No one was near it…

  3. Dana W says:

    I suffer from extreme anxiety and can have terrible irrational fears. My partner and I have this discussion about 20 times a month.

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