#1808 – Laundry

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6 thoughts on “#1808 – Laundry”

  1. bubujin_2 says:

    Oh, no, OCD character, that focking socks!

    1. dralou says:

      I’m not OCD, but I hate hate HAAAATE it when people throw away my stuff without informing me. OCD Person may be OCD, it’s still not ok to go all ” Oh yeah I forgot to tell you…” on them because the other person thought they wouldn’t notice.

      1. hm says:

        It’s not okay to throw away other people’s stuff without permission at all, regardless of communication (except perhaps in extreme situations, which this is clearly not).

    2. Carcharocles says:

      This isn’t OCD. OCD is an anxiety disorder–obsessions in OCD are recurring anxious thoughts that the sufferer can’t get rid of, and the compulsions are actions or “rituals” they perform to get rid of the thoughts. Being uptight isn’t OCD, even at this level.

      Please stop conflating this type of behavior with a genuine mental illness. It does nothing but hurt the perception of the disorder, thus hurting the people who suffer from it.

  2. 3Davideo says:

    I don’t even pair my socks anymore. I just stick them all in the same box and take the first two off the top.

  3. Miles says:

    I fully admit to pairing up my socks according to wear patterns (most of them are white, but of different brand ankle socks).
    Yes, my girlfriend definitely thought that more than a little OCD.
    It probably didn’t help that I put all freshly folded laundry that goes into drawers underneath the stuff I hadn’t worn yet… or that I wear my white tee shirts in order starting from the left on hangers…

    I guess I admit to being OCD with laundry, wanting everything to wear evenly, but much less so about other things.

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