#1807 – Tap tap tap

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3 thoughts on “#1807 – Tap tap tap”

  1. fluffy says:

    Cute! But the pedant in me feels like pointing out that metal fingers would work just fine on a capacitive screen, as long as they’re not insulated. 🙂

    1. Miles says:

      Not all metal works equally well. Iron and still is capacitive. Aluminum is less so. I believe titanium is also less than capacitive. Try using an aluminum can to work your smartphone and you’ll see what I’m talking about.
      My fingers are also less than capacitive, so I feel sympathy for the little robot. Scar tissue or my hands are too dry or too something. I still use a dumb phone because of it, but more and more of the world is surrounded by the capacitive surfaces, and people stare at me when they see I can’t make them work accurately.


    Ok, this went a lot better than the usual for this kind of comics.

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