#170 – Bunker

The video game system that I used for most of my childhood was a Commodore 64. I think my parents originally bought it for some business purposes but it quickly got taken over by me and my brother. I think the biggest expense my parents had to put up with was constantly getting us new joysticks. They only had about a 6 month life span in our house.

Today’s Biff has a point.

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8 thoughts on “#170 – Bunker”

  1. Takla says:

    The first game system my brother and I had as kids was the Nintendo 64. If memory serves me right, the controllers managed to survive for all the years we had it, it was the reset button (ala me) that bit the dust fairly quickly.

  2. Elfe says:

    We also started out with a N64. Joke was, the Gamecube was out already at the time. We got that too. Followed by a wii, a playstation 2, and Xbox 360 a playstation 3 … what else do we have… well, pretty much ever nintendo handheld since the gameboy advance Sp (except for the DSi.)

    1. Ph®ed says:

      Man. I started off on a Sega Genesis. That’s right. 4th gen, for the win. Oh, I feel so old. But I’m only a freshman in college. Why do you make me feel old?

    2. Peach says:

      My first gaming system was an atari… then we got a Nintendo Entertainment System. We continued getting Nintendos through the N64. My sister got a Gamecube when she moved out and I got a Wii.

  3. Lynn says:

    Elfe, you make me feel so old. The first thing I ever gamed on was an Acer 386 with Windows 3.1. I would go over to my friends’ houses as a kid and play their NES or SNES when those came out.

    Oh my god. What happened to me?

  4. m4rek says:

    Back in the day with our ZX Spectrum…

  5. Arcan says:

    First system I ever owned was an NES (10 years after it came out). Ah the joy of playing the original Final Fantasy, Dragon Quest, and Legend of Zelda.

  6. Jay Pattyson says:

    I still have most of my old machines. This includes the C64, NES, and SNES, but I think my favorite was the Commodore Amiga. I got a lot of enjoyment out of that thing; joysticks never did seem to last very long.

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