#1697 – Bed time

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5 thoughts on “#1697 – Bed time”

  1. Awesome Aud says:

    Jim – the glow in the dark stuff proves that the lights were on recently, since if it had been off they would have faded long since. And there are no posters in panels 1 and 2 because the speech balloon covers them. I know there isn’t really a ‘balloon’, but speech in this comic blanks out whatever is behind it or you wouldn’t be able to read it!

  2. twilightfairy says:

    I support this space range and laser knee love triangle. And nice try kid. But glow in the dark never lies!

    1. Kapten-N says:

      It’s not a love triangle if it’s just two people…

  3. Omymel says:

    I miss those glow-in-the-dark star stickers…

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