1643 – Exhale

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7 thoughts on “1643 – Exhale”

  1. Sven says:

    That’s technically correct. The best kind of correct!

  2. il biggo says:

    I guess it’s a hot topic amongst dragon slayers -_-

  3. mehlchlor says:

    In Germany, our dragons “speien Feuer”, which means they spit/vomit fire.

    1. Chris says:

      I like this.

    2. Kapten-N says:

      In Swedish it’s “eldsprutande drake”, which translates to “fire spraying dragon”. A machine gun is called a “kulspruta”, which means “bullet sprayer”.

      Oddly enough, “spruta” as a stand-alone noun means “syringe”.

  4. Larkle says:

    True, but maybe not the best time to make the point.

  5. Robert Adam Morrison says:

    If the dragon says he or she breathes fire, let them breathe fire!

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