#148 – Gulp

Back in grade school there was always a long line at the drinking fountain when we came in from recess. I would be perfectly fine outside running around but my thirst was somehow amplified by the length of the line. Feeling the chill of the water as the first gulp traveled down into my belly was such a satisfying conclusion to the wait. When I needed to take a breath I would keep my head down, the water splashing against my closed lips as I breathed in through my nose. Once you lifted your head up your turn was over wether you wanted more or not.

Today’s Biff cracks under the pressure.

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5 thoughts on “#148 – Gulp”

  1. Kree says:

    As I recall, roughly 60% of the drinking fountains at our school did not work correctly. This problem was somewhat lessened by the large number of them placed everywhere.

  2. Alex says:

    just read all the maximumbles from 1st to now great comic.

  3. Candlejack says:

    At my church, there are exactly five drinking fountains. The tall one on the bottom floor has the best water I’ve ever tasted. As for the head-lifting problem, I’ve perfected the art of alternating breathing and drinking. It’s quite a useful skill to have.
    On a side note, why exactly is this comic called Maximumble?

  4. Cyndaquazy says:

    I remember at my elementary school that each kid had between 5-10 seconds for drinking from the fountain after recess. The time differed depending on the teacher’s orders and who was counting.

  5. denir says:

    there wasn’t such thing at our school. when you was thirsty you could always drink from the sink at WC, but highly risky because it was mainly used as 7TH urinal

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