#1227 – Communication

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9 thoughts on “#1227 – Communication”

  1. Jad says:

    Umm, what’s funny about this? I feel like I do this all the time!

  2. maarvarq says:

    Sometimes you have to do this to get an answer somehow.

  3. A guy says:

    The email says “Go check your voicemail.”

    1. John Merklinghaus says:

      Voicemail: “Uh, yeah, Andrea’s been trying to get ahold of you about something.”

      1. Person says:

        Andrea: “Oh! Yeah, uh, Steve told me that he wanted you for something about a sticky note.”

        1. Parrius says:

          Sticky note: Jeff left a postcard for you in the top drawer of your desk, has an important message on it.

          1. Terraform Trent says:

            Postcard: “Jeremy was writing something in the sky with his airplane. I think it was for you. I took a picture of the message and put it on your desk. -Jeff”

    2. Natemare says:

      Hey Steve, Phil said that he left a letter for you in you’re mailbox.

  4. Miles says:

    At this I usually tell them “I don’t have my phone with me,” and pause to wait for hte realization to sink in.
    Once it does, I tell them I’ll check my email eventually… I don’t have the kind of phone that does that.

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