#115 – Release

I always liked sword type toys as a kid. Usually a yardstick or a long cardboard tube from wrapping paper. The biggest problem was dueling. It was never very satisfying. We would fight in mock slow motion that would slowly escalate up to frenzied flailing as one of us tried to actually “win”. Then the fight would abruptly stop as inevitably one of us would get poked in the eye with a tube or whacked on the knuckles with the edge of the yardstick.

Today’s Biff is abrupt.

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11 thoughts on “#115 – Release”

  1. Acies says:

    my friend taught me how to make foam swords using pvc pipes and insulation or pool noodles + lots of duct tape =)
    he then fought me with a really long thin one that’s supposed to represent blades on both ends. I got a lot of whip lash and bruises =3

    1. Arcan says:

      I hope you didn’t actually use insulation as most insulation has fiberglass in it. You get hit in the eye with that and it’s not going to be good.

  2. Penthoplayer says:

    I just got a plastic sword, and a plastic lightsaber.

  3. Rick2Tails says:

    interesting comic.maybe its a cursed sword?

  4. Mophtran says:

    My friends and I did it with sticks we found in the woods.

    Until I got a splinter in my eye.

    1. Ziggy says:

      Always refreshing to hear a rtnaioal answer.

  5. AA says:

    Add gore and color and it becomes cyanide and happiness!

    It’s interesting how with fake sword fights, the aim is to hit the other person’s sword, not the other person…

  6. Falos says:

    Bit of a downer that play dueling hasn’t come very far in the last… well, ever since swords were invented.

    Not as much as the comic though. Ideally my death involves sky diving sans chute, fiery explosions, and wrestling an alligator with my bare hands. All at once.

    1. Mahnarch says:

      That’s ridiculous…

      How would you get an alligator to jump out of a plane?
      And, does the gator at least get a chute?

  7. hayabusa says:

    looks like we need another King Aurthur over here

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