Hey, today is my birthday! Wee! My favorite thing to get on my birthday is new readers! Know anybody that likes jokes? Send them an email, post a link on Facebook, send a tweet, start a thread on your favorite message board, print out a comic and hang it up at work, write and sing a song about stick figures called “I Love maximumble.com” and post it to YouTube! As long as you don’t break any laws or make anyone angry I’ll have an extra happy birthday! Thanks!

I’ve had glasses since 2nd grade so I have frequently gone through the weird adjustment period of getting new glasses. At this point my prescription barely changes each time but the actual lens size and shape is always very different. What I see through my glasses is distorted according to the shape of the frames. Over the years they have gotten more and more rectangular. I have to tilt my head down to see things on the table or desk in front of me. Back in grade school my glasses were so enormous I could practically see a full 180 degrees around me. My poor little nose.

Today’s Biff sees the light.